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About Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

mizrachiRabbi Yosef Mizrachi was born in 1968. He was raised in Israel where he studied until 1986. In 1986, he was drafted to the Israeli Military (IDF) and served in the Air Force. Immediately after his release from military, he immigrated to New York City where he was involved in the Financial banking District.

In 1994, Rabbi Mizrachi decided to dedicate his life to the awareness of Judaism among secular Jews. It was in that year that he began coordinating lectures & seminars among Israelis in the New York – New Jersey area. In 1997 he left the financial district and enrolled a full time learning and teaching in a Yeshiva in Monsey, New York. At that time, Rabbi Mizrachi moved from New York City to Monsey in a small, quiet Orthodox-Jewish town in Upstate New York.


In 2002, Rabbi Mizrachi, along with Yuval Ovadia, a former HBO director, produced an impressive film called ‘Divine Information’. This successful video was duplicated and distributed to more than 200,000 people. During the day, for years Rabbi Mizrachi was teaching Gemara in Yeshivat Ohr Yisrael in Monsey but today due to the increasing kiruv work that he is involved with ,he dedicate all his time for the public.

As of 2011, Rabbi Mizrachi has spoken in over 4000 lectures worldwide as well participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows and other Hebrew and English events in which he enriched the knowledge and awareness of Judaism among thousands of Jews who once were lacking Jewish awareness whatsoever. In 2004 he started a website, www.divineinformation.com that has over 700 lectures of videos and audio that has a following of viewers from more than 50 countries most of whom are located in the United States, Israel, England and Canada. This website, according to Alexa.com, is of the top 1% compared to all the websites which are currently active. Also Rabbi Mizrachi has a strong following on Facebook with over 56,000 registered fans on his pages. The Facebook pages have more than 1,000,000 views per month and growing fast. Rabbi Mizrachi was also the first rabbi who started on the very successful website TorahAnytime.com.

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Thank you Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

God bless you .

Soldier of Israel  Saying their prayers

Soldier of Israel
Saying their prayers


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One Israel Fund – Fighting for The Land



1125307270_1704Working in concert with communities, government officials and the IDF, One Israel Fund works to fill the gaps in essential medical, social, recreational and preventive security services which are conspicuously lacking in Judea and Samaria. Our goal is to undertake ongoing fundraising campaigns to help ensure the physical, emotional and moral well-being of the Jewish families living in each and every community in these areas.




One Israel Fund has invested tens of millions of dollars for these projects including perimeter surveillance camera and emergency lighting systems, communication gear, medical equipment, bulletproof ambulances, armored vans to transport special needs students to and from school and EMT facilities that spell the difference between life and death in scores of communities. What’s more, One Israel Fund has and continues to fund communal projects as well including playgrounds, youth and senior centers, schools and specialized armored transportation for the physically challenged which add greatly to the quality of life in these communities.

Helping to make available a broad spectrum of communal needs, One Israel Fund is a recognized 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization, ID# 11-3195338 and is the largest North American charity whose efforts are dedicated to the citizens and communities of YESHA.

Please consider sending in any sizeable amount donation to help secure Israel’s future by clicking here

Remember, God sees all the good we do for one another .

As it says in Genesis Chapter 12:3

” I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you. “



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Interview : Eve Harrow on Jewish Right to The Land of Israel

Eve Harrow


Eve Harow, host of Judean Eve is a long-time community activist and tour guide from the Judean hills. Her extensive work in Israel advocacy has taken her all over the world. Each week she discusses archaeology, nature and interviews Israelis on current events in the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Judean Eve podcast airs live every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.

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Audio : Family, Kindness, Jealously, Youth Issues and Peace in The Home

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The Shomron

Welcome to the Shomron. The video link below provides insight into life in this beautiful Moshav. David HaIvri and others explain the historical significance of the Shomron and information on life in this moshav. Personal stories are lovingly told to bring people some awareness about the life in Israel that is more than dealing with conflict. Life in Israel is about the land , the people and most imortantly it is about love of Hashem. Please watch and enjoy

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Yom Hazikaron: A Letter to The People of Israel




Dear Israel,

I just want to let you know , that you are not alone during this most hard and difficult time that is
Yom HaZikaron .

Many of your beloved brethern have fallen.  Yet, they have fallen because they do believe in life. They, despite the baseless and virulent hatred Israel has endured since ancient times, choose to fight.

They fought for life.

Although they are no longer physically with us today, their eternal and enduring spirit and soul continue to persist amongst all of us thru memory, even thru true dreams. Forever will they live within those that pick up the uniform of the fallen and dawn on the uniform of the living .

May we all with gratitiude, grant honor to the sons and daughters of Isarel who fell in love and who do still love us from heaven above with The Holy One of Ya’akov .

Let us embarce all of Israel’s fallen this Yom Hazikaron, by living and preforming the following words of King David’s Psalm 133

” Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

It is like the precious oil upon the head, coming down upon the beard; even Aaron’s beard, that cometh down upon the collar of his garments;

Like the dew of Hermon, that cometh down upon the mountains of Zion;

for there the LORD commanded the blessing,

even life for ever . ”

In prayer thru deed in light of  honor for the fallen, let us diligently persue the true and righteous path and  real destiny laid out before and entrusted to Israel .

Although we live in the shadows of our true pain and incompleteness left by the departure of our loved ones from this world this day, let us live the words of King David above, and chose to move on foward with resolve and justice for those that require and deserve of it .

Eternally in our hearts and where before HaShem do the fallen of Israel  stand, they will forever be embraced by a loving and Eternal Father – The Eternal One of Israel .

I send a warm, yet tight embrace to all of The People of Israel during this most solemn, melancholy and trying of times.

You have someone here that prays for you .
Someone that believes in you .

God bless, strengthen and encourage you forever and always … Israel .

Edward F. Villa

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Insight on Yitro

Parashat Yitro: And now for another type of Kiddush HaShem (Sanctification of God’s Name)

by Daniel Pinner

When God repeatedly sent Moshe to Pharaoh with the demand, “Send forth My nation” (Exodus 5:1, 7:16, 7:21, 9:1, 9:13), this demand was invariably in the Name of HaShem, the God of Israel or the God of the Hebrews. The reason is simple and obvious: the purpose of the Exodus was not merely to redeem a nation from slavery. Its deeper purpose was Kiddush HaShem, sanctifying the Name of HaShem.

For this reason, too, Pharaoh had to be forced into acknowledging HaShem. It would not have been sufficient for him to release the Jews from Egypt simply out of fear of yet another plague; this was why, after each plague, God “strengthened Pharaoh’s heart”, as He had told Moshe in advance that He would (Exodus 4:21, 7:13, 9:12, 10:20, 10:27, 11:10). The standard English translation – that God “hardened Pharaoh’s heart” – is inaccurate and misleading: God did not “harden” Pharaoh’s heart deliberately making him crueller; He “strengthened” Pharaoh’s heart, giving him the inner strength to make his own decisions without being terrorised into freeing the Israelites by the plagues.

Ultimately, the Ten Plagues and the Splitting of the Red Sea forced Pharaoh and Egypt to acknowledge HaShem, God of the Hebrews, as the Supreme Power. God told Moshe: “I will be glorified through Pharaoh and through all his army, and Egypt shall know that I am HaShem” (Exodus 14:4), on which the Midrash comments: “This teaches that when HaShem exacts punishment from the nations, His Name becomes great in the world” (Tanhuma, Beshallach 7).

Depiction of the splitting of the sea

An almost-contemporary commentator points out that when God had said “I will be glorified through Pharaoh and through all his army, and Egypt shall know that I am HaShem”, He said this in the region of Pithom and Raamses, two cities on Egypt’s eastern border, which the Egyptians had conquered from the Hyksos (according to some opinions, Raamses was the Hyksos’ capital). When the Egyptians finally defeated their sworn enemies, the Hyksos, and captured their principal cities, they interpreted this as a victory of their gods, and therefore bestowed the new name “Pithom” – “Pi-hahiroth,” meaning the City of Heirut (“freedom”), or the House of Freedom. This was a special city, because next to it – on the border – they built an idol called Baal-zephon, in memory of their victory, to protect that border from further hostile incursions, and to ensure that no slaves would be able to escape. And not far from there was the Hyksos’ capital, which the Egyptians now called “Raamses” in honour of the current pharaoh.

This was the reason that it was specifically next to Pithom, the site where the Children of Israel were humiliated and the site of the most terrible hillul HaShem, as well as the site of Egypt’s idols and Egypt’s pride in their triumph, that God wrought His vengeance on Egypt. This is an example of measure-for-measure punishment: in the same place where the Egyptians began to desecrate the Name of God – there His Name was aggrandized and sanctified (Rabbi Meir Kahane Hy”d, in Peirush ha-Maccabee, Exodus page 28).

This, then, was the awesome Kiddush HaShem in last week’s Parashah: God publicly defeated and destroyed the mightiest nation in the world as punishment for the evil they had perpetrated against Him and His nation.

And in this week’s Parashah, we encounter a very different form of Kiddush HaShem: Yitro (Jethro), the minister of Midian, publicly acknowledged HaShem, God of the Hebrews, as the Supreme Power.

Our Parashah begins, “Yitro the minister of Midian, Moshe’s father-in-law, had heard of all that God had done for Moshe and for Israel His nation – that HaShem had brought Israel out from Egypt” (Exodus 18:1). Sixteen chapters and several decades earlier, the Torah had first introduced Yitro, albeit without yet naming him, with the words “the minister of Midian had seven daughters…” (Exodus 2:16). The Midrash (Mekhilta de-Rabbi Yishmael, Amalek 1; Yalkut Shimoni, Yitro 268) records a dispute over the precise meaning of the word kohen (which we have rendered “minister”) in this context: Rabbi Yehoshua said that it means a minister of religion (i.e. a priest of idolatry); Rabbi Elazar the Moda’i (from Modi’im) said that it means a national leader (akin to a senior government minister).

Rabbi Meir Kahane Hy”d (Peirush ha-Maccabee, Exodus pages 175-178) cites various Midrashim which indicate that when the young Moshe had fled to Midian and encountered Yitro’s daughters by the well, Yitro had long since understood the futility and falseness of idolatry, and had actually had the courage of his convictions to abandon it publicly and had resigned from the idolatrous Midianite priesthood. He and his family were therefore ostracised by Midianite society, which was why his seven daughters had to draw water from the well unaided, and also why the other shepherds felt at liberty to habitually drive them away from the well and otherwise abuse them (Exodus 2:17-18).

Shofar, Prayer Shawl and Prayer book

This is another form of Kiddush HaShem: whether Yitro was a priest of idolatry or a national leader, he clearly had heavy influence and commanded much respect among his fellow-Midianites. Midian was a son of Abraham, whom his wife Keturah had born him (Genesis 25:2), and by this time had grown into a large confederation of tribes inhabiting the region east of Israel (in present-day terms, southern Jordan and north-west Saudi Arabia).

Any priest or national leader of Midian would have enjoyed wealth and status, and would be famous among a fairly large population. For such a man to abandon his post despite the consequences would have been a well-publicised scandal. For him to do this because he recognised the falseness of Midianite paganism and had decided to follow HaShem, the God of the Hebrews, inevitably sanctified the Name of God.

True, Midian was not a global super-power on the level of Egypt, but it was fairly large and populous nonetheless. And Yitro knew all the gods which were worshipped throughout the world, which was why he could confidently state “Now I know that HaShem is greater than all the gods” (Exodus 18:11; see Rashi’s comment there). For Yitro to publicly declare his abandonment of all the false gods in favour of HaShem, the one true God, was the approximate equivalent of a pope publicly acknowledging that actually the Jews were right all along, even though his public confession would cast him into exile from his palace and ostracism from the religion that he heads.

Pharaoh and Yitro, then, are the two paradigms for Kiddush HaShem. They were both forced to recognise the falseness of polytheism, both were forced to acknowledge that HaShem, God of the Hebrews, is the sole true God. They achieved this understanding in very different ways – the one through evil, the other through honest enquiry; the one against his will, the other whole-heartedly and joyfully; the one by attempting to exterminate Israel, HaShem’s nation, the other by hearing about their salvation and rejoicing in it; the one by fighting against God, the other by embracing Him.

But despite their polar differences, both these men, both leaders of their respective nations, became tools through which God’s Name became sanctified in this world.


Chuppah with Torah Scroll - In Israel


Daniel Pinner is a veteran immigrant from England, a teacher and an electrician by profession; a Torah scholar who has been active in causes promoting Eretz Israel and Torat Israel.

You can read more of his work on Israel National News Arutz Sheva
by clicking here

Daniel also can be contacted via Facebook
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