Beautiful Photographs of Israel

Beautiful Photographs of The Land, People and Promise of Israel


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Miracle: How Kindness Can Save Your Life – Twice !


This is a true story – but you probably won’t believe it !

Jerry came to Israel on business every few months. On that day in August 2001 he had a busy day planned ahead.

He was on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, in the center of town, and was looking for somewhere where he could buy a quick bite to eat before his next appointment. On the corner of King George Street and Jaffa Street he saw a restaurant called ‘Sbarro’ and entered.

There was a long line and he waited impatiently looking at his watch. The man in front of him sensed his impatience and asked ‘Are you in a hurry to get somewhere ?’ Jerry answered ‘Yeah, I’ve got a meeting in another few minutes’. ‘O.K.’ he replied ‘you can go in front of me’. Jerry thanked the man and ordered his food. He sat down, ate very quickly and went on his way to his meeting.

Jerry had only managed to take a few steps away from the restaurant and he heard the most powerful boom in his ears. He turned around and saw complete destruction – the restaurant had been blown up by a terrorist. There was a strong smell of burning in the air, screams for help, broken glass and mayhem was all around. Within minutes ambulances were on the scene.

15 innocent people had been killed on that awful day, and many more injured.

Jerry was in a daze and he realized that only because he had got out quickly had he been saved. He also realized that the man that had let him go in front of him had still been inside.

Jerry ran into the confusion and looked for the man, but wasn’t able to find him. He didn’t want to give up, maybe the man had been amongst those killed ! The mans kindness of letting him in front had saved his life, he had to know what had happened to him, and so he went from hospital to hospital looking for this man.

After a lot of effort Jerry found the man in one of the hospitals. He was in intensive care in serious but not fatal condition. His body was full of shrapnel and he was hooked up to various machines. The mans son was by his side. Jerry told the son what had happened and he added ‘His small act of kindness of letting me go in front not only saved my life, but also his own life – I have no doubt’.

The doctors notified the son that his father would be OK, but there would be a long process of surgeries and rehab before he would be 100%. Jerry told the son ‘I owe a lot to your father, and I have no idea how I can thank him. Soon I am flying back to New York, here is my phone number, if there is anything I can do for your father please, please don’t hesitate to call me’.

The next few weeks were very difficult for the man. He had surgery several times and the doctors decided that for a specific operation that needed to be done he would need to fly to Boston. He had no family in the U.S. , but the son remembered Jerry and so he gave him a call. Jerry told the son – ‘Don’t you worry about a single thing ! I am going to put my business aside until everything is taken care of so that your father can come to Boston as soon as possible’.

And so it was on 11th September 2001 at 8:30 in the morning the plane landed in Boston. Jerry was waiting for the man his wife and his son in the airport and greeted them warmly. The family started to thank Jerry when suddenly there was complete panic all around in the airport. Security guards were running in all directions, cell phones were ringing and people were in hysteria. Within a few minutes the dreadful picture had been clarified – terrorists had taken over planes and flown them into the twin towers in New York.

Jerry’s face went white, for a few seconds he felt paralyzed from the shock and wasn’t able to speak.

After he had digested the news he turned to the man and said ‘this is the second time that my life has been saved because of you’.

Jerry’s office was on the 101st floor of the twin towers.

The real reward for our efforts and good deeds is in the world to come, but sometimes when we do a good deed G-d lets us know that even in this world a good deed is worth even more than life itself.

The following story was posted on Facebook by Ya’akov Sandler .
Click here to contact him on Facebook.

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Insight: Why Israel Must Be Strong, Brave and Courageous in the Face of Terror

“If the Arabs put down their arms first, there will be peace.

If the Israelis put down their arms first, there will be no Israel.”

-Quote from Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

The world-wide terrorist sympathizing governments and those that sponsor them are at the root of most of the terrorism in the world today. With known leading governments like the European Union  heavily funding UNRWA supported Palestinian Authority textbooks that continue to deny the right of Jews to live in the Holy Land or The American government (going back to the George W. Bush to the present Obama administrations) sustained tax-payer financial,  political  encouragement of creating a Palestinian Authority State with known terrorist leadership at it’s helm on The Holy Land of Israel , the question I raise and I hope many others do as well  is, ” How can Israel or any God fearing person expect  true peace between Israel and the her hostile neighboring governments when the most of the world keeps aiding and abetting those vowed to destroy Israel ? ”

Despite the world-wide contempt,  Israel must  fight to defend it’s self from all those that come up against her. Be from an international military force that comes up against Israel on pretenses of sustaining ‘peace’ or even those within Israel that call for  ‘restraint’ or ‘painful concessions’  which further brings more loss of life , the question that arises is, “Can Israel afford to lose any more of it’s people for only broken promises of peace ? “

As an outsider looking in, I say Israel must  take the world-wide government’s threats seriously  (especially  from Iran and Syria)  to keep their people, land and life safe from any debilitating, devastating attack from being actuated.

There is a principle in Jewish thought that you are to kill those that seek out to kill you or your family first and this also applies to The Nation of Israel as a whole.

It is better to not only keep the enemies of Israel with fear of Israel’s retaliation but to send a clear, unmistakable message that it will not tolerate those who continue to  perpetuate vile lies , baseless hatred and the killing of their own.  Yes, although there are many in the world that call for Israel’s outright destruction, in Israel choosing to be strong, brave and courageous in the face of terror then can there be a real progress in the world understanding Israel’s eternal God given right to it’s existence among the nations of the world.

Israel cannot afford to be weak and let  inflict anymore suffering nor loss of their brethren at the hands of those that have no respect for life, let alone God .

You shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother and that is something Israel always needs to take to heart and must always choose to do. It is either letting terrorist to continue to inflict more suffering, loss of life by letting them live or defending and fighting for life; the life of your very own. Israel must choose life, it must choose to take to heart their real mission and eternal promise it has been entrusted with and must choose to fulfill .

In Israel choosing to be strong, fierce and brave fulfilling their holy role in the world today is not only a blessing but will always be a threat to those that cannot fathom, stand God. Those that hate God literally want to destroy the expression of God’s enduring love through His very own , Israel .

Israel, hold your head up high and be strong and courageous in God. Be the best you can be in service to God and out of love of your brothers and sisters. Love the life, mission and purpose God has awesomely and kindly entrusted unto all of you . Be good, kind, giving, understanding and loving men and women despite the hard and true realities you all face and always live as true examples of how we all must lead, live our lives by fulfililng one commandment at a time.

Can you afford to do, be otherwise?

Edward F. Villa

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Video: Israel … I’m Waking Up to the Beat of My Heart


 מַה-יָּקָר חַסְדְּךָ, אֱלֹהִים:    וּבְנֵי אָדָם–בְּצֵל כְּנָפֶיךָ, יֶחֱסָיוּן

Psalm 36:8

 How precious is Thy lovingkindness, O God! and the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Thy wings

Stand with Israel !

Jeremiah 31: 2

ב  מֵרָחוֹק, יְהוָה נִרְאָה לִי; וְאַהֲבַת עוֹלָם אֲהַבְתִּיךְ, עַל-כֵּן מְשַׁכְתִּיךְ חָסֶד.

‘From afar the LORD appeared unto me.’ ‘Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with affection have I drawn thee.


Ezekiel 34: 13  יְחֶזְקֵאל

יג  וְהוֹצֵאתִים מִן-הָעַמִּים, וְקִבַּצְתִּים מִן-הָאֲרָצוֹת, וַהֲבִיאוֹתִים, אֶל-אַדְמָתָם; וּרְעִיתִים, אֶל-הָרֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, בָּאֲפִיקִים, וּבְכֹל מוֹשְׁבֵי הָאָרֶץ.

13 And I will bring them out from the peoples, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them into their own land; and I will feed them upon the mountains of Israel, by the streams, and in all the habitable places of the country.

Soldier Praying at the Kotel - Prayer Book

Psalm 100 תְּהִלִּים

א  מִזְמוֹר לְתוֹדָה:    הָרִיעוּ לַיהוָה, כָּל-הָאָרֶץ.

1 A Psalm of thanksgiving. Shout unto the LORD, all the earth.

ב  עִבְדוּ אֶת-יְהוָה בְּשִׂמְחָה;    בֹּאוּ לְפָנָיו, בִּרְנָנָה.

2 Serve the LORD with gladness; come before His presence with singing.

ג  דְּעוּ–    כִּי יְהוָה, הוּא אֱלֹהִים:

הוּא-עָשָׂנוּ, ולא (וְלוֹ) אֲנַחְנוּ–    עַמּוֹ, וְצֹאן מַרְעִיתוֹ.

3 Know ye that the LORD He is God; {N}

it is He that hath made us, and we are His, His people, and the flock of His pasture.

ד  בֹּאוּ שְׁעָרָיו, בְּתוֹדָה–חֲצֵרֹתָיו בִּתְהִלָּה;    הוֹדוּ-לוֹ, בָּרְכוּ שְׁמוֹ.

4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise; give thanks unto Him, and bless His name.

ה  כִּי-טוֹב יְהוָה, לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ;    וְעַד-דֹּר וָדֹר, אֱמוּנָתוֹ.

5 For the LORD is good; His mercy endureth for ever; and His faithfulness unto all generations.

Israel … I’m Waking Up to the Beat of My Heart

A music video mash-up, prodcution by Edward F. Villa
Facebook Profile: http:/

Picture and video clip sources in the Music Video : From around the world wide web (the internet)

Israel Beach

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The Israel Defence Forces … A Tribute

Israel Defense Forces Emblem

 A Tribute to Israel’s Defense Forces… God is with you, Israel… Never forget that… Never

A Music Video Tribute by Edward F. Villa

Youtube Channel

Click on ‘About Jewish Miracles’ on the top of this page to learn more about the author of this video


Letter to God Kotel - Western Wall Jerusalem Israel

The Kotel - Wailing-Wall- Jerusalem-Israel

The Kotel - Wailing-Wall- Jerusalem-Israel


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Video: I Will Be Your Candle on the Water… Israel

Letter to God Kotel - Western Wall Jerusalem Israel


With hope,

Edward F. Villa

Producer of ‘I Will Be Your Candle on the Water… Israel’

Images and video clips used in this video are of The People and Land of Israel taken from various places around the World Wide Web

Background Song Information:
Artist: Helen Reddy
Title: Candle on the Water

Israeli Soldier praying at the Kotel - Wailing Wall - Jerusalem, Israel

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Video: I Hope You Help Me Live…. Israel

Star of David Solar Eclipse Penumbra (real)

Press the play button in the box below to start the video

An expression of what I feel about Israel in so many ways…

God bless you : Israel
He is with you and will always love you…

Edward F. Villa
Producer of ” I Hope You Help Me Live … Israel”

Subtitles in the video are a complimentary English translation of the song in the video

Picture and video sources are of The People and Land of Israel from around The World Wide Web.

Background Song Information:
Language: Spanish
Artist: Jose Luis Perales
Title: Te Queiro Tanto ( I Love You So Much)

Scrap of a Letter to God at the Wailing Wall - The Kotel - Jerusalem Israel

Letter at the Wailing Wall Israel

Israeli Soldiers Praying at the Kotel - The Wailing Wall - Jerusalem Israel

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