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Insight: Why Israel Must Be Strong, Brave and Courageous in the Face of Terror

“If the Arabs put down their arms first, there will be peace.

If the Israelis put down their arms first, there will be no Israel.”

-Quote from Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

The world-wide terrorist sympathizing governments and those that sponsor them are at the root of most of the terrorism in the world today. With known leading governments like the European Union  heavily funding UNRWA supported Palestinian Authority textbooks that continue to deny the right of Jews to live in the Holy Land or The American government (going back to the George W. Bush to the present Obama administrations) sustained tax-payer financial,  political  encouragement of creating a Palestinian Authority State with known terrorist leadership at it’s helm on The Holy Land of Israel , the question I raise and I hope many others do as well  is, ” How can Israel or any God fearing person expect  true peace between Israel and the her hostile neighboring governments when the most of the world keeps aiding and abetting those vowed to destroy Israel ? ”

Despite the world-wide contempt,  Israel must  fight to defend it’s self from all those that come up against her. Be from an international military force that comes up against Israel on pretenses of sustaining ‘peace’ or even those within Israel that call for  ‘restraint’ or ‘painful concessions’  which further brings more loss of life , the question that arises is, “Can Israel afford to lose any more of it’s people for only broken promises of peace ? “

As an outsider looking in, I say Israel must  take the world-wide government’s threats seriously  (especially  from Iran and Syria)  to keep their people, land and life safe from any debilitating, devastating attack from being actuated.

There is a principle in Jewish thought that you are to kill those that seek out to kill you or your family first and this also applies to The Nation of Israel as a whole.

It is better to not only keep the enemies of Israel with fear of Israel’s retaliation but to send a clear, unmistakable message that it will not tolerate those who continue to  perpetuate vile lies , baseless hatred and the killing of their own.  Yes, although there are many in the world that call for Israel’s outright destruction, in Israel choosing to be strong, brave and courageous in the face of terror then can there be a real progress in the world understanding Israel’s eternal God given right to it’s existence among the nations of the world.

Israel cannot afford to be weak and let  inflict anymore suffering nor loss of their brethren at the hands of those that have no respect for life, let alone God .

You shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother and that is something Israel always needs to take to heart and must always choose to do. It is either letting terrorist to continue to inflict more suffering, loss of life by letting them live or defending and fighting for life; the life of your very own. Israel must choose life, it must choose to take to heart their real mission and eternal promise it has been entrusted with and must choose to fulfill .

In Israel choosing to be strong, fierce and brave fulfilling their holy role in the world today is not only a blessing but will always be a threat to those that cannot fathom, stand God. Those that hate God literally want to destroy the expression of God’s enduring love through His very own , Israel .

Israel, hold your head up high and be strong and courageous in God. Be the best you can be in service to God and out of love of your brothers and sisters. Love the life, mission and purpose God has awesomely and kindly entrusted unto all of you . Be good, kind, giving, understanding and loving men and women despite the hard and true realities you all face and always live as true examples of how we all must lead, live our lives by fulfililng one commandment at a time.

Can you afford to do, be otherwise?

Edward F. Villa

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  1. cindy greenstein vaughn

    Another beautifully written essay by Edward F. Villa.. We are so lucky to have him in our lives, as a friend to so many and especially to Israel!

  2. ty

    The UN is made up of a bunch of  Jew-Hating countries (and American hating) countries, so what should one expect from UNRWA?  Good piece, Eddie.   “Be strong and courageous in God.”  yes, that is absolutely correct!

  3. Yeoshua Kingberg

    Edward,Extremely well documented and 100% journalistically correct!  What you wrote could never be seen in the Main Stream media EVER!

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