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Album Cover of Israeli Artist Hillel Legendary Album: Hamavdil

Album Cover of Israeli Artist Hillel Legendary Album: Hamavdil . Click on the image above to purchase Hillel's Albums

On this page , you’ll listen to a few selected songs from the now defunct Israeli Hebrew Music Group Hillel along with some  English Translations of the songs. Complimentary English translations are provided to better understand, appreciate what is being conveyed in the Hebrew language.

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I hope you all enjoy what has become my number one most favorite music group of all time which happens to be from an Israeli Hebrew group called Hillel.

God bless,

Edward F. Villa
Jewish Miracles

DJ Hillel Goldblum
The following information is taken from Israel National Radio’s Benjamin Bresky’s  Music blog on Arutz Sheva. 

For all the people who emailed me poems, thank you. For those who’s emails bounced, I believe my email wasn’t working for a couple days, so try again. And yet, I would prefer the language to be English and it has to be of Jewish and/or Israeli content of some sort. I will read the poems in a couple weeks when the Three Weeks before Tisha B’Av begin. You can email me your poetry at bbresky@israelnationalradio.com. Someone even sent me an mp3 of him reading his poetry.

So I have a loyal listener named Ed from California. Ed once sent me a CD of his favorite music. It was almost all in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. Ed’s favorite Jewish musician is DJ Hillel, also known as Hillel, also known as Hillel Goldblum. He released two CDs in 2000 and 2001 and then ceased to be heard from. Of all the Jewish musicians out there in the world, I don’t know why Ed would choose this guy as his favorite. I do know that Ed, like many outside of Israel, have a very limited selection of Jewish/Israeli music. That makes his choice of the obscure DJ Hillel even more interesting.

Several weeks back I did a trivia question contest. Whomever guessed the audio clip I played won a free CD. The clip was from Transformer: The Movie, originally released in 1986, and purchased by me with all Hebrew overdubs and no subtitles in 2008 at the tiny CD shop in the shuk near the felafel stand. (Note: Transformers in Hebrew is Robotrikim.) Ed guessed it correctly. So Ed told me that his request for his free CD was DJ Hillel, the first album, not the second one. I figured I could easily get a copy easy for pretty cheap at any CD shop. But no one has it anymore. I went to about six different stores including both Tower Records, the Eight Note, and several corner stores but no one had it. I’m sure Gal Paz has it. They have everything. Seriously, Gal Paz has to be the largest CD store in the country. But over by Mea Shearim and I havn’t gotten the chance to get by there. So sorry Ed, you CD will have to wait.

As for music, DJ Hillel, is smooth pop dance music with Jewish themed lyrics… soft rock / light electronica / pop with a drum machine. One of my favorite song is B’Ahava, the title track off his 2000 album. It has a catchy “oh oh” chorus

English Translations of selected songs  that play on this page

Tsur Mishelo

Tzur mishelo achalnu barchu emunai
Sava’nu v’hotarnu kid’var Hashem
The Almighty whose food we have eaten, praise Him, all who are faithful
We have eaten enough and been more than satisfied, according to Hashem’s word

Hazan et olamo ro’enu avinu
Achalnu et lachmo v’yeno shatinu
Al ken node lish’mo un’hal’lo b’finu
Amarnu v’aninu en kadosh kaHashem

The Provider for His universe is our shepherd and our father
We ahve eaten His bread and drunk His wine
Therefore we will thank Him and speak His praise
We have said and have responded, there is none as holy as Hashem

B’shir v’kol toda n’varech Elokeinu
Al eretz chemda tova shehinchil la’avotenu
Mazon v’tzeda hisbi’a l’nafshenu
Chasdo gavar alenu ve’emet Hashem

With song and thanks we will praise our G-d
For the good, desirable land He bequeathed to our fathers
With nourishment and sustenance He has satisfied us
He shows great kindness towards us and Hashem is true

Rachem b’chasd’cha al am’cha tzurenu
Al Tziyon mishkan k’vodecha z’vul bet tifartenu
Ben David avdecha yavo v’yig’alenu
Ruach apenu mi’shi’ach Hashem

Have mercy in Your kindness towards Your nation, our Almiighty
And upon Zion the home of Your glory, the palace of our splendor
The son of David, Your servant, will come and redeem us
The breath of our life, Mashiach of Hashem

Yibane hamikdash ir Tziyon t’male
V’sham nashir shir chadash uvir’nana na’ale
Harachaman hanikdash yitbarach v’yit’ale
Al kos yayin male k’virkat Hashem

The Temple will be rebuilt; the City of Zion will be restored
And there we will sing a new song and go up with joy
The Merciful and the Sanctified will be praised and exalted
Over a cup full of wine, according to Hashem’s blessing

Song Translation source: Click here


Ke’Ayal – Based on Pslam 42

The translation to this song is subtitled in the music video to this song.

Ana – Based on Psalm 118, verses 23 to 25

מאת ה’ היתה זאת, היא נפלאת בעינינו
זה היום עשה ה’, נגילה ונשמחה בו
אנא ה’, הושיעה נא, אנא ה’, הצליחה נא

Me’et Hashem haita zot, hi niflat be’eineinu
Ze hayom asa Hashem, nagila venismecha bo
Ana Hashem, hoshia na, ana Hashem, hatzlicha na

From God this has been, it is wonderful in our eyes
This day God has made, we will rejoice and we will be happy in it
I beg you, God, please save us, I beg you, God, please make us succeed

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