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Dear Soldiers of Israel …




Dear Soldiers of Israel,

I love the Lone Soldiers and all the Soldiers of Israel so much I view, consider all of you as part of who I am. That is how much you mean to me.

What I wouldn’t do for all of you to not have to fight any more wars and to truly achieve peace !

You are all the best men and women in the world to someone here and I pray to see the day I can be with, amongst you and just help serve you with a full loving, kind heart in service to God .

Israel Brothers

If I had to have a heart of someone … It would be of an Israeli soldier and in particular ,The Israeli soldier named Michael Levin .

I will just say Michael Levin is very much alive and looking upon all his people , friends and family from heaven.  Michael, will forever live on as a brave, true , loyal and loving Son of Israel – a Son of God . I also want to remind you all that you, too , are special individuals that exemplify the best that can be found within man-kind.

Thank you so much Israeli soldiers for the hard and painstaking work you do and if any of you need anything, please do not hesitate to approach me : I will do my very best with God’s help, strength and courage to be there for any one of you.

It would be my blessing and honor to serve Israel ,but most importantly, serve God in a way that reminds the Soldiers of Israel of  their true mission, which is a noble and worthy one.

Israel's Soldiers praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem Israel

God bless you all of Israel and I just want you to know that someone here tries to stand with you and God. You will forever be special and loved because I know God loves you.  You all risk it all for there to be the eternal gift that is Israel , and for that there are no words.

Happy Hanukkah Israel and The Israeli Soldiers,

You have my heart in The God of Ya’akov ,


Edward F. Villa


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