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Tu B’Shavat : The Jewish Holiday of Planting Trees

First video that plays above is a lecture about The Jewish holiday of Tu B’shavat given by the Rabbi of Itamar, Israel – Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith


Planting trees in Israel has become a custom of Jews and supporters of Israel. It is a beautiful way to honor someone important in your life or memorial for a loved one who has past away. Planting trees in the hills of Shomron is an extra honor. Here you can be part of reviving the greenery of the land after hundreds of years the the land lay desolate. Also included are your choice of adding a little more to plant fruit trees that will in the future be a source to provide for the people of the land.



Sponsor a Tree in Israel Today!

T’u B’Shavat (the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shavat) is traditionally Israel’s tree planting holiday.  You can order trees to be planted on your behalf on the mountains of Israel, Samaria. A certificate will be sent to you with dedication message in honor of the dear one of your choice. Payments can be made by contacting David Ha’Ivri via e-mail with special directions and tree order configurations .

Opportunities for planting large plots for congregations or families are available. Being that transparency is very important to us, we would be overjoyed to take you to see the site of the trees planted with your help. So please let David Ha’Ivri know when you plan to be in Israel!

Shomron Liaison Office Director , David Ha'Ivri . Click on David's picture above to learn more about David Ha'Ivri.


For more information and to send in any size monetary donation for this worthy cause, please contact Shomron Liaison Office Director David Ha’Ivri at the email address below


You may also donate via Pay-Pal by clicking on the Pay-Pal donate button below


A Special Media Presentation on The Yehudah and Shomron – Israel’s Future Frontier

Click the image below to access the presentation

Click this image to access the Media Presentation - The Yehudah and Shomron - Israel's Future Frontier

The Yehudah and Shomron : A Special Music Video Tribute

Click the image below to access the video

Israeli Young Man with Gun - In Defense of his people .

The Israel Defense Forces : A Special Video Presentation

Click the image below to access the Presentation

Israeli Soldiers - Brothers in Arms

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