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Video: Tribute: Israel’s Heroes

Tribute : Israel’s Heroes


Israel’s Heroes

Dvir Immanuelof

Golani Staff-Sergeant Dvir Emanuelof (22), the first fatality of Israel's Operation Cast Lead's - Israel



Golani Staff-Sergeant Dvir Emanuelof (22), the first fatality of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead’s ground incursion. Emanuelof was killed after a mortar shell landed in proximity to his patrol, injuring 19 other soldiers as well. It was said of Dvir that “he knew he was fighting for a great cause. He was confident and had faith in the military, in his commanders and in this country. He wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t gung-ho to fight, but it was important for him to protect people.”








Michael Levin was 21 years old when he fell fighting for the country he loved: Israel. His memory and courage live on in the thousands of lone soldiers who continue down the path Michael set – to make Aliyah, to serve in the IDF, and to build a life in the land of Israel.

Michael Levin and his Sister


Eliraz Peretz

Maj. Eliraz Peretz, 32, of Eli was killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists who were planting explosives along the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

Maj. Eliraz Peretz, 32, of Eli was killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists who were planting explosives along the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.Golani Brigade Commander Col. Avi Peled eulogized Peretz and said: “When I first saw you as a young platoon commander, I saw a man and a commander who loved the country and his fellow man more than anything. We were all shocked when we heard that you were hurt. It is unfathomable that something like that can happen.” “On second thought, you were always out in front of your soldiers, it was bound to be you who would be hit first,” Peled added. Eliraz’s brother Avichai also eulogized him and said: “You did not go to the army in order to sever the lives of others but to continue the life of the Nation of Israel.”



A message from the producer of this video :

Thank you Israel’s Heroes for choosing* to defend, protect and fight for your people  but most importantly for being strong and courageous men and women who put everything on the line – your life – so that there can be a future .

This is my tribute to you all and I just want to say : Thank God for each and everyone of you …

God is always with all of you …. don’t ever forget that

Your friend,

Edward F. Villa

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Pictures are of the People and Land of : Israel

Video Editing by Edward F. Villa

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  1. alberto gorin

    alberto gorin

    thanks edd
    these are not only heroes its also u.s troops are heroes to
    but these are,ain t over yet,be manny heroes.and you remind of that.

  2. Raina Steinman

    Edward, what a beautiful tribute……… Thank you for remembering these brave hero’s…….. I write with tears….. tears of pride for love of our Country and tears of sadness that familes must go on without their husbands, wives, children……. Am Yisrael Chai!!!

    1. Jewish

      Dear Raina,
      We must strive not to be sad or down when we remember these great men and women of valor and courage… When we remember these warriors of God , we must do so with the hope, courage and strength that in all the righteous and kind deeds that we do in their remembrance – they will and forever live on.

      We must do what we can to help those that are still alive to let them know: We care for you, we are here for you and we will be with* you.

      Let us never give up hope in the promise, hope and future that is the People and Land of Israel .

      Thank you very much for your comment Raina and may you and yours have a peaceful , kind and fulfilled rest of the week.

      With Shalom,


  3. jezreel s. macadaan sr.

    To all fallen brothers, Thank you for all your sacrifices, to, our “beloved ISRAEL”, your effort, and dedication, will never be forgotten. Today, I share, the pain and sadness of all fallen warriors families, you are loved and admired, I thank you also for all the men and women in your family who have sacrificed their lives in the service to ISRAEL, you are all loved and always in our prayers.  May ELOHIM protect ISRAEL from all corners and keep all citizens from harms way. JEZREEL, southern Philippines

  4. Inno Theresia Simanjuntak

    Syaloom ….What a wonderful heroes ever. I really amaze and appreciate their courage and sacrifice for the country and the people. They have the God’s heart who are giving their live for the safe of people that is the greatest love of all. I also feel the deep grief for the fallen warriors and their family. May God bless them and give them strength to continue their live. At last i just hope there will be peace on earth and especially on the land of Israel, Our Safety God bless Jerusalem, your wall, and all the people. Amen

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