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Good Morning: Israel !




*Pictures in the video below are of the Land of Israel*

A short but uplifting and energetic* music video that highlights but a moment of Israel’s unending natural beauty. Good morning beloved : Israel !
*subtitles in the video are a complimentary translation to the song line by line into English*

Background Song Information:
Language: Spanish

Artist: Juan Gabriel
Title: Buenos Días Señor Sol
Album: Para Ti

Song Lyrics and English Translation is below:

Todas las mañanas que entra por mi ventana el señor sol
All the mornings that enter thru my window, Mr. Sun

Doy gracias a Dios por otro dia mas
I give thanks to God for another day

Hoy como otros dias yo seguire tratando ser mejor
Today like other days I will continue to become better

Y sonriendo hare las cosas con amor
And smiling, I will do my work with love

Buenos dias alegria ! (buenos dias señor sol)
Good morning happiness!

Buenos dias al amor ! (buenos dias)
Good morning to love!

Buenos dias a la vida ! (buenos dias señor sol)
Good morning to life!

Buenos dias Señor Sol ! (buenos dias)
Good morning Mr. Sun!

Yo seguire tratando ser mejor
I will continue trying to be better

Yo seguire tratando ser mejor
I will continue trying to be better

Buenos dias!
Good morning!

Song lines repeat

Video produced by Edward F. Villa

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  1. Tony Ramon

    Good morning to you from the furtherst corner of the earth Shalom

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