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Letter: Dear Captain Ziv Shilon …

Dear Captain Ziv Shilon,

Thank you Captain Shilon .

Thank you for having a true heart and serving to defend your beloved people and land.

I thank God for you and all the brave Soldiers of Israel.

As I was recently viewing my Facebook posts, I came across of what happened to you while in battle with the ruthless terrorists .

My heart goes out to you and all your brothers and sisters in The Israeli Army .


Although I am not at your side to see to any of your needs Captain Shilon,
I just want to remind you that there are so many people in the world that truly do care of what happens to you and your family in Israel .
Yet, there is someone here that strives to do their best to be for Israel especially during these critical junctures in time the whole world is facing.

If there is anything I can do to ease your pain or just to bring you a great smile , please do let me know ?

Captain Shilon, I very much would like to send you a small thank you gift in the mail . If it is possible to do so, provide me a mailing address in Israel so I can gladly send it off to you soon.

I  do pray to The God of Your Forefathers that you and all the Soldiers of Israel may be delivered a swift and mighty victory over your enemies especially in these days.

Injustices that have happened to you and so many other families of your own must come to a halt yet I am so thankful that there are true men of valor just like you still in this world fighting for freedom and life taking to heart the love of  your people, your nation …


You are heroes Soldiers of Israel .
And someone out here in the exile does care .

Take much care Captain Ziv Shilon
God bless and heal you speedily and fully.

With warm regards to all The Soldiers of Israel .

A warm embrace,
Shabbat Shalom

Edward F. Villa 



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