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Insight on Israel

Psalm 72

Despite the differences  of opinion among the Jewish people, One people under God fulfilling their destiny and mission in the world according to the Eternal Commandments  of The Torah is the ultimate goal. Israel will eventually return back to God thru their Promises found in the Jewish Holy Scripture fulfilling God’s plan of His Ultimate Redemption .

If a Jewish person  comes from Spain, America, China , India, Germany does not matter. Am Israel is all one people, one family. If God called me to become one of His  own, I would strive with God’s  help and strength* to treat my fellow brothers and sisters as they were my own flesh and blood .

With that being said, unity among Israel can start with one another being a gentle and kind* individual one act of loving-kindness* at a time like Avraham  practiced. In practicing compassion just like Ya’akov the father of The Twelve Tribes of Israel did, can Israel bring light and hope to all around the world that look to God  via His very own people, Israel.

Let’s  not wait to perfect the world. In perfecting ourselves in the present, by repairing the world around us today we can bring God’s warmth and presence into everything we choose to do.

We must never forget that God has, will and will forever be there for Israel and those that honestly stand with her. Jew and gentile in God alike need to acknowledge all Our Creator, Our Father at every moment, in everything we do.

In thanking God and being the  best person we can be by deed in treating our family and friends and even strangers with  understanding, kindness and compassion , that is how the world can start to change for the better.

In kind and faithful service to God in each of  our  lives can we demonstrate to Our Father that we do care for Him by caring for our fellow man. I could just imagine when we are kind, patient, understanding and forgiving to our brethren, how God  must be looking down upon His children. Would not a Father  just  smile?  And, you tell me … What better reward than to grant Our Father a smile ?


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    Thank you again, Edward, for friending me on Facebook. Your videos have touched my heart and soul.

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