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Audio & Insight: Tzedakah (Charity): Giving the Gift of Hope, The Gift of Life




Charity is one of the most beautiful, everlasting acts of loving-kindness* any man can do to say: Thank You God for being only so kind* to me…Let me be kind right back to You – by being kind to my fellow brother and sister .

If people actually believed we were all created in God’s image: and treated each other like royalty in our love for one another – The world would truly be a completely different place. When we  practice Tzedakah (Charity) we are fullfilling the imperative, the responsibilty of - Tikkun Olam -Repairing the world.

People today just simply forget of the importance of having compassion, empathy toward those that are in a hard position… One truth I have came to realize in my life and strive to remember is the following: If i were in their ( another person’s trouble) shoes: How would I feel ? Would i not want someone to help me? How can I help them?




One other thing I have came to realize:

What good you do unto others, comes back to you – in one way or another – if not in this world , the world to come.

“Happy is the one who keeps judgment and performs tzedakah at all times…” Psalm 106

You shall not close your hand for your fellow man who is poor. -Deuteronomy 15:7

Tzedek*tzedek you shall pursue,”  Deuteronomy 16:20

“One who is gracious to the poor, lends to God.” — Proverbs 19:17

Many are the ills of the righteous, but the LORD delivereth him out of them all – Psalm 34:20

Edward F. Villa

*[The word tzedaka derives from the Hebrew word tzedek, “justice.” Performing deeds of justice is perhaps the most important obligation Judaism imposes on the Jew.]

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