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Video Presentation: The Uprooting of Israel





The following videos presented on Jewish Miracles are to remind and educate people of what happened during the 2005 uprooting of Israeli citizens .

I hope they remind people of the ramifications of committing such  ignoble and disheartening travesties to those that truly do want to live in peace and see the critical importance of holding onto and fulfilling the Commandment of settling all of Eretz Israel .

Gush Katif 

The Uprooting of Israel 

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Avi Bieber

In an historic act of bravery caught on Israeli news tv, Gush Katif hero Avi Bieber refuses to carry out the orders of the Israeli government to forcefully evict Jewish residents and protestors from Gush Katif. To all those who say it was not possible to refuse, watch here and see that it was both moral, heroic, and possible to refuse. The translation of Avi’s last words as he was pulled off to jail is: “This is not correct! This is not right!” Bravo to this remarkable Jewish hero!

The translation of Avi Bieber's last words as he was pulled off to jail is: "This is not correct! This is not right!" Bravo to this remarkable Jewish hero!

Read more about this Modern Hero Click here

Oleh of the Decade: Corporal Avi Bieber

After speaking with Avi’s father, Raphael, I came to the conclusion that the decision to make Aliyah from North America in our time is very similar to the decision that faces Israel’s soldiers at this point in time.

It is a decision to listen to that voice inside you that is the clarity that results from the ability to look beyond the system and the excuses that are dangled in front of you to give you any number of ways to ignore that which is right, true, but very difficult.

May Avi and his family be strengthened and may we look back on these times with thanks to God for the fact that they spurred us to act in a courageous and extraordinary manner on behalf of truth, justice and the desire to fulfill our charge, which is to perfect the world.

Thank you Avi, for inspiring us and giving us the strength to ignore those who say disaster and surrender is “inevitable.”


Yesha Council Warns: Entire Neighborhoods to be Erased

Gush Katif March Out

Givat Assaf, Migron, Ulpena Neighborhood in Beit El, Amona – all slated for destruction in next 4 months.

by Gil Ronen

Article source link: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/148682#.TrAgeENncS5

The head of the Yesha Council, an umbrella group of settlement leaders in Judea and Samaria, is calling upon ministers and Knesset members to intervene immediately to prevent mass demolition of Jewish homes in the mountainous Israeli heartland. The alternative, he warns, “will throw us all into a whirlpool with unknown consequences.”

Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan sent a letter Tuesday to all of the ministers and MKs, noting that 150 homes – in close to 1,000 Israelis have resided for over a decade – are scheduled for destruction in the next four months or so.

“All of Givat Assaf could be erased by the end of 2011,” he warned. “Migron – by March 2012. The Ulpena Neighborhood in Beit El, by April 2012. Amona’s fate could be sealed in about a month. And the list goes on.”

“The absurdity and injustice are breathtaking,” commented Dayan. “For example, apartment buyers at the Ulpena Neighborhood received a government grant to encourage them to settle there. Now they are being presented as invaders and the homes they were encouraged to purchase might be torn down.”

Dayan said that the problem was not with the High Court but rather with the government, which decided that homes built by Jews on private land would be torn down. The High Court cited this decision when it gave orders to carry out the demolitions.

He warned that this government might be remembered as the one that carried out the most demolitions except the government of Ariel Sharon, which tore down Gush Katif and four communities in Samaria.

Torah Scroll during 2005 Uprooting from Gush Katif, Israel

City wall, citadel and tower of David


Israeli Soldier Praying at the Wailing Wall , Jerusalem - Israel

But as for me, I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.
Micah 7 verse 7



More Soldiers Say, “I Cannot Expel Jews”

The phenomenon of soldiers refusing to adhere to disengagement-related orders continues to gain steam. Several soldiers stood trial for their intentions this week.

By Hillel Fendel

First Publish: 7/7/2005, 6:32 PM / Last Update: 7/7/2005, 7:10 PM


Youths from Gush Katif visited several army bases in the western Negev earlier this week, in an effort to convince soldiers to refuse orders to remove them from their homes next month. The youths were able to enter at least one of the bases, where soldiers who will be deployed in the disengagement are already beginning to move in. The youths tied orange ribbons to tanks, fences, tents and other objects in the base, and called out, “Don’t fulfill illegal orders! How will you be able to live with yourselves afterwards?”Many soldiers expressed sympathy with their visitors, even putting the orange ribbons around their necks. One was filmed making a clear statement: “We’re against the disengagement! I can’t take this army… They brought us down here by force [to take part in the disengagement]. If we would refuse, they’re threatening us with 28 days in jail – you see what’s going on here?”According to sources in Gush Katif, the above soldier was to be tried today by his commander for making the above statement. Some youths in Gush Katif tried to locate him and place him in touch with the Lev Yehudi organization, which is providing advice and assistance for those who feel they cannot carry out disengagement orders.Many soldiers are not scared off by threats of punishment. Hagit Rotenberg of B’Sheva newspaper reports that Chaim Atar of the Armored Corps was sentenced to 21 days in Army Prison 4 several days ago. Atar had informed his commander that he refuses to take part in the blocking-off of Gaza to Jews. He is a student in a hesder yeshiva, combining Torah study with army service, and was offered the opportunity of taking part only indirectly in the disengagement. He refused, and is currently serving his prison term.Among the many soldiers who have informed their commanders, or are planning to do so, that they will not be showing up for reserve duty in the near future is Rabbi Benny Chukat. He is the rabbi of the Rescue Battalion of the Homefront Command.One soldier, whose brigade has since been exempted from disengagement duty because of widespread refusal, said that he was originally offered the chance not to be part of the expulsion. He turned down the offer. When his commander asked why, he said that he did not want to circumvent the disengagement – but wanted the opportunity to openly and publicly refuse orders to take part in it.

Corp. Avi Bieber, who was sentenced to 56 days in army prison for refusing orders, has had his sentence cut in half – and his lawyer is appealing to have it cut down to nothing. Bieber was arrested on June 26 after refusing to participate in the violent suppression of protestors who sought to prevent the IDF from demolishing abandoned structures in Gush Katif. As he was being led away from the scene, a reporter asked him what was going on. “They’re beating up Jews, that’s what’s going on,” he said, visibly upset. “It’s not right. It’s not right and it’s not just.” His lawyer said that the presiding commander who sentenced Bieber did not allow him to bring witnesses on his behalf, “but rather ruled based on media reports.”

Hagit Ritterman reports that a Herzliya Town Council member, Yaron Olami, has refused to take part in the expulsion. “Dozens of other secular reserves soldiers will similarly refuse,” Olami said. ‘I have served in Lebanon, Shechem, Ramallah, Hevron and Gaza. I’ve been shot at and had car bombs blow up near me, but I never ran away from a mission, no matter how dangerous. But I will not take part in immoral orders, not even the outer siege around Gaza. I have an inner truth, a Jewish heart, integrity and responsibility, and therefore I am unable to do ‘transfer’ to Jews. I would rather be judged by an army general than by history.”


Corporal Avi Bieber - Israel Defense Forces Hero

Avi Bieber can be found on facebook
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