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Video: On Serving The Israel Defense Forces & Living the Promise of Israel




On Serving The Israel Defense Forces & Living the Promise of Israel 

In this video interview, IDF Reserve Captain Adam Halley speaks of 20+ years of experience serving in the Israel Defense Forces and living in Israel’s Judea and Samaria

If you ever wanted a clearer, concise and honest assessment of the reality that Israel is confronted with today, you must watch this interview.

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About Adam Halley

Adam Halley with son Boaz Halley

Adam Halley has years of experience in the IDF and the security field. Experienced in counter terrorism training and martial arts he is the security coordinator for a nonprofit working to implement lifesaving projects in Yehudah and Shomron. Adam, his wife and children made aliya from the USA and live in the heartland of Israel in Ginot Shomron



 Video Interview of Adam Halley 

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Adam Halley at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem Israel


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Adam Halley

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