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Media: True Miracles of Israel on the Battlefield

True Miracles of Israel on the Battlefield

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Soldier of Israel Embraces The Torah Scroll

The following media presentation on Jewish Miracles brings real modern miracles that Israel has experienced  on the battlefield. These  true accounts Israeli soldiers experienced  give us a powerful insight  to seriously consider the hand of The Divine upon Israel and, in particular , upon those that fight for Israel .


With a darkening world around all of us, I pray this media presentation brings hope , courage and strength to all of us that God truly does exist and that His hand truly is upon Israel and all of our unique lives .

Soldiers of Israel Mourn

Let us appreciate the miracle , the gift of life that we all have been granted and come closer to God thru recalling His past, present and future miracles in all our lives.

God bless,

Edward F. Villa
Jewish Miracles Blog

Israel Soldiers on The Field Praying to God

Israel Defense Forces – Brothers Hold Hands 

English translation of the Hebrew song that plays on this page is below


Based on Psalm 118, verses 23 to 25

מאת ה’ היתה זאת, היא נפלאת בעינינו
זה היום עשה ה’, נגילה ונשמחה בו
אנא ה’, הושיעה נא, אנא ה’, הצליחה נא

Me’et Hashem haita zot, hi niflat be’eineinu
Ze hayom asa Hashem, nagila venismecha bo
Ana Hashem, hoshia na, ana Hashem, hatzlicha na

From God this has been, it is wonderful in our eyes
This day God has made, we will rejoice and we will be happy in it
I beg you, God, please save us, I beg you, God, please make us succeed

Song Information:

Language: Hebrew
Artist: Hillel
Track Title: Ana (Please)
Album: Hamavdil
Country: Israel

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