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by Edward Francisco Villa

Israeli Soldier Embracing a Torah Scroll

From where hence has the light been shown, scattered among the nations, illuminating all that turn to it?
From where hence did The L-rd call forth His people and all those that turneth to Him in understanding and humility?
From where hence will there be, once again, an Eternal and Holy edifice of Salvation, Hope and Redemption – Where G-d will dwell among man- His and all His Creation?

Israel, oh , Israel – Holy. blessed and beloved art thee – a light unto the nations , special and unique , where all of man-kind will
seek to be blessed and redeemed by thee….

What will be – of those of us that turn to thee- those that seek sustenance and comfort in your Almighty Father – who protects thee?
Who is like He, that sees, knows and maintains thee , by an out-stretched, mighty Right Arm – even all of His creation – that will bow and worship The L-rd, Thy G-d – Holy be He?
When will the world turn and give thanks to thee- Holy and Righteous people – Of the Most High- Who are so very much loved, and love with such testament of G-d’s beneficence and undying hope for His World?

Israel, oh, Israel – Mighty ,Splendid and Lovely art thee! From the highest mountains , to the lowest depths of the sea- The Land – Flowing with Milk and Honey- Jerusalem- Thou art Righteous and Lovely , Holiest amongst all other cities, and Israel – Loved art thee – precious amongst all the other nations – who compares to thee?

May only blessings, hope and very good fortune pursue thee- Israel, oh, Israel – Never forget- That thou art beloved above all – for all eternity…
Always serve your Eternal and True – The L-rd, Thy G-d of Israel – for He Will never leave thee- even in your deepest of woes- He is there- comforting thee!

Kotel - Wailing Wall Jerusalem Israel

Israel, oh Israel- be well and may G-d bless and keep you near and dear to Him…
Please, return and follow thy Torah – Which is a an eternal gift from Him to thee…
Never depart from it , for He – Blessed be He- shall never depart from thee, Israel His beloved – Everlasting art thee!

Be Strong and Courageous: Israel !


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