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Video: Miracles of Israel

Rainbow at Masada, Israel

Israeli Soldier Praying at the Wailing Wall , Israel


Model of The Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Israel


Israel Flag

Israel Flag

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  1. Diana Heres

    I do have a miracle that happened to me 3 years ago…
    My dear friend passed away in a airplane crash (terrorism) in Panama central america 13 years ago, leaving his wife at the 9 months of pregnancy. His name Moshe Pardo Z”L, his son was born and got his father’s name, I made a Neder to be at this new born son’s Bar-Mitzvah, which was in Israel. I traveled alone to represent my family in honored of Moshe Pardo Z”L.
    I reached Israel and stayed at a friend’s house while I was there, but I wanted to visit some friends at a kibbutz near where I was staying, so my friend from the kibbutz ask for a Taxi to pick me up, giving him my description and so the taxi driver picked me up as schedule, while driving the driver told me, this is a special drive, since he was off duty for the day, but his good friend asked him to please do it for her.
    We drove for a while and he asked me, from where I am from, I told him Panama, he was quiet then he asked me, why I travel from faraway, I told him, I had a very good friend of mine that passed away in a plane accident and I did a promised to be at his son Bar-mitzvah, so there I was.
    He then replied to me, You know I had a dear friend that was with me in school, but at the age of Tzahal both went different ways, he went to New York and his dear friend went to Panama and he had an accident last he heard.
    I kept quiet but my heart was beating fast, I asked the driver, can you give me his name, since Panama is a small community, and he answed me: Moshe Pardo Z”L. I almost went numb.
    I told him, He was my friend, I am here specially in Israel to be at his son’s Bar-mitzvah, I told him all that happend with the airplane, and that his wife Abigail was pregnant with a boy, we were both in shock. We were saying again and again: this is a miracle, from all the taxi drivers in Israel and he wasn’t suppose to be working, he got informed to make a special pick up, and we met, It was unbelievable, Then I explain to him where the Bar-mitzvah party was going to be, and I asked him to be part of the blessing to be at Moshe Pardo Bar-mitzvah, He did come, As soon as he came in, and from the crowd Moshe Pardo’s Z”L mom Maty, saw him, she recornized him and give him a great hug, and said: you are Shlomo Levy, the friend of my son. It was a very emotional moment for everyone.
    It was meant to be, me been friend with Moshe Pardo Z”L, me making a neder, and that special trip ended to be, the most amazing moment. I believe in miracles, I do believe Moshe Pardo Z”L was with me at that moment. He made it possible for Shlomo and me to meet.
    At my arrival back home, people were calling me to ask what happend, and how I got to be part of an amazing miracle!!!
    I hope this story will be, for people to believe that miracles do happen!!!!

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