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The Greatest King of Israel … Beloved by God

In light of one of the most honored and revered of Jewish Biblical heroes who was the great-grandson of Ruth the righteous convert , King David I have come to realize led by example that we all need to strive to do what is right before God. Even when his actions did not coincide with the will of those around him or was even deemed unpopular, King David was the quintisential example of Love of God , above all else.

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Insight on Israel

Despite the differences of opinion among the Jewish people, One people under God fulfilling their destiny and mission in the world according to the Eternal Commandments of The Torah is the ultimate goal. Israel will eventually return back to God thru their Promises found in the Jewish Holy Scripture fulfilling God’s plan of His Ultimate Redemption .

If a Jewish person comes from Spain, America, China , India, Germany does not matter. Am Israel is all one people, one family. If God called me to become one of His own, I would strive with God’s help and strength* to treat my fellow brothers and sisters as they were my own flesh and blood .

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Miracle: The Miracle of Israeli Soldier Aaron Karov

  In 2008 the story of newlywed paratrooper commander, 2nd Lieutenant Aharon Karov, called to duty the morning after his wedding then grievously wounded by a Hamas booby-trap in during Operation Cast Lead, gripped Israel. The story has recently been documented by his father to serve as inspiration and a source of faith for others. …

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